Brock Danner
Commanding Officer


CO's Message:

Greetings, and welcome to the USS Farragut! I am Captain Brock Danner the ship's Commanding Officer. It is a sincere pleasure to have you aboard.

The Farragut is a Nebula Class Starship. Like its forerunners, the Nebula Class features a sleek design with the nacelles tucked under the ventral hull, which allows for better efficiency with onboard power and storage usages. She was designed for deep space scientific exploration, however she is capable of holding her own in almost any type of tactical scenario. I am both proud and honored to serve aboard this fine ship.

Our crew consists of some of the best minds and tradesmen available in Starfleet today. I invite you to read up on the missions that we have had, and will continue to experience together during our journeys in space.

My door is always open for my staff. Should you have any questions, please hail me by using the navigation panel on the right.


Capt Brock Danner
Commanding Officer
USS Farragut - NCC-72013